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Guildhall Session Orchestra

Raiser executive electronic producer DJ

Vanela vocals

Baobei vocals

BRAVVN vocals

Marc Pell drums

Mike Roberts keys

Sam Dinley score preparation 

Sam Storey orchestration lead

Rob Southby music production lead


Drum & Bass imprint RAM Records is approaching its 30th birthday and after being one of the genre’s foundational labels it’s a platform which is continuing to innovate. With a history which features Mercury Prize nominations, UK Chart positions and Platinum Records, it’s not only a genre giant but also a mainstay label within the archives of British music. And to mark 30 years in the game, RAM will be taking to Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London for a very special orchestral rendition of the RAM Records catalogue.

Combining classical and contemporary sounds with lasers and projection to create a truly stunning immersive musical event, concert goers will be able to witness what happens when one of the world’s leading arts training institutions celebrates the 30th birthday of a seminal electronic music label. With 35 players, percussionists, vocalists and DJs, alongside lights, lasers and projection mapping (as seen through Guildhall School’s involvement with Glastonbury’s stages), fans will be able to see their favourite tracks adapted into a new classical format for orchestral performance.

Credits - Orchestration & Arrangement

Marios Aristopoulos, Chester Tribley, Archie Awford, Isabelle Brawn, Lillian Chan, Sam Dinley, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Liam Fuller, Yewon Lee, Beau Miles Watson, Jasmine Meaden, Nicola Perikhanyan, Skye Platts, Raiser, Danilo Ricciardiello, Mike Roberts, Theo Sandberg.

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