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A selection of British Transport Films, featuring fascinating footage of 1950s Britain, is accompanied by hybrid electronic and orchestral music.

In these films, shown silently with no narration, impressions of life in British industrial valleys and towns are shown alongside bucolic scenery and holiday destinations throughout the UK. Embarking on a journey through 1950s Britain, we follow the testing of a shiny new Blue Pullman train (said to be the ‘businessman’s train’ at the time) and explore new train signalling methods and mechanised track-laying.


We journey through a great variety of scenery and history in Wales and Northumberland and even venture under the sea, in an Oscar-nominated short film about the colourful marine life of coastal Southwest England.

These fascinating short films about British landscape and transport are accompanied by live music written by composers and musicians of the Guildhall’s Electronic Music Studio featuring hybrid electronic and orchestral music.

Executive Producer

Mike Roberts 

Director and Music Supervisor

Barbara De Biasi

Sound Projection

Sam Dinley


Peter Longworth


A Future on Rail (1957, 9 min)
Any Man’s Kingdom (1956, 21 min)
Every Valley (1957, 20 min)
Between the Tides (1958, 21 min)
Blue Pullman (1960, 24 min)

© BFI, Courtesy of the BFI National Archive

Music by:

Future on Rail:
Eleanor Fineston-Robertson and Thomas Barlow

Any Man’s Kingdom: Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Joshua Curtis, Gwen Howard, Samuel Storey

Every Valley: Jasmine Meaden, Vanessa Pires Dos Santos Oliveira, Jamie Rudd, Samuel Storey, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Thomas Arnold

Between the Tides: Ben Pease Barton, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Samuel Storey, Efe Yuksel, Harry Harrison, Mathis Saunier

Blue Pullman: Isabel Woodings, Eleanor Fineston-Robertson, Samuel Storey, Bronte Tucker, Chester Tribley

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